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Case Study - Industry: Healthcare

“Care Starts with Alleviating Financial Stress of Employees”

Key takeaways:


Founded in 1962, A leading healthcare company has a presence in over 100 countries around the world. With over 32,000 employees, it is one of Unipe’s biggest clients to use the benefits offered by our platform. One of the renowned pharmaceutical companies in India, A leading healthcare company manufactures several drugs for diseases, including diabetology, cardiology, neurology, etc. Presently it has 6 manufacturing plants, and here at least 2000 researchers and scientists work. Manufacturing drugs is the core aim of this company, and it also produces generic drugs. The company boosts its 8% market share with over 29 brands to offer. Its vision is to be a provider of valued medicine and be driven by a team passionate about the cause of helping people.

The Challenge:

With a strong footprint and the number of employees hired based on a strong set of values, it was getting difficult to sustain the passion without taking care of the financial well-being of the employees. The pandemic had the medical sector employees overworked and stressed for more reasons than one. There may not have been a dearth of work but there were enough factors to contribute to the stress, including the financial burden.

Getting to the heart of the problem:

Although one of the biggest players in the Pharma industry, A leading healthcare company lacked the automated systems required to ensure the filing of payroll compliances smoothly. With a diverse set of employees from diverse cultures expected to follow a set of values defined so well by the company, it was getting difficult to bring them all on the same page. The component of salary and equal access to funds (on time) was the equalizer they were looking for. While A leading healthcare company has policies in place to secure their physical well-being through great health programs and benefits, it was their mental well-being that needed attention.

The Solution:

Unipe stepped in to provide the EWA benefit to all the employees irrespective of their position or location. The system provided seamless automation with quick access to the employee’s salaries which helped them plan their finances better and reduce their mental stress. Unipe also took care of payroll compliances being taken care of at a click of a button, strengthening the automated systems while ensuring that the data/information of the employees/company was safe.

Benefits of using Unipe:

  1. One-click payroll remittance and access to employee’s salary for alleviating financial stress.

  2. Real-time salary access via EWA for every single employee

  3. Automated and seamless payroll compliance filing

Post-Unipe picture:


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