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Your all-in-one digital wallet

The Unipe app puts you in control of your earning, spending, and saving so you can access your pay when you need it, stretch every rupee, and achieve your financial goals faster.

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Employee Benefits

Live Better

  • Manage debt and rising expenses with access to salary

  • EWA reduces financial burden and mental stress

  • Purpose of earning is to live!

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Build Better

  • Be a part of a growing community

  • Learn from other people’s stories

  • Access to a wealth of information on finance

Manage Better.png

Manage Better

  • Unipe monitors your spending habits and helps you manage funds

  • Helpful advice at your fingertips

  • No extra cost


Make any day payday

  • Real-time Salary Access based on your attendance (work days)

  • Instant Disbursal directly into your bank account

  • Interest free service (never depend on anyone or your own money)

  • No need to go to loan sharks to ask for credit and get into debt trap

  • Empower your livelihood with zero interest credit schemes because they deserve it !

Ready to level up your finances?

Employee FAQ

Have questions?We have answers.

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