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Our Team

In a hyper-digitised world, we’re constantly seeking low friction at every corner and immediacy. In that framework of immediacy, banking cannot only be about integrating APIs or several layers of technology. It has continually proven to be about creative solutions attached to a purpose. It has been about utility. 


At Unipe, our aim is to re-define banking and what it means for the Indian Workforce by building uniquely innovative high-yield & extremely low risk products which provide the best of returns to our users over a long term. 


We are at the forefront of observing an emergence of utility based products for the Indian Workforce which will not only empower them financially but will also act as their base for sustainable financial livelihood.

The Intent

Who Are

Unipe is a passionate team of experts who strive to create products that empower the Indian workforce by giving them access to sustainable credit. If your employer is our partner, you as an employee get the benefits of our financial wellness program by applying for loans against your salary without worrying about the mounting interests. 

We are bridging the gap between needing money and getting paid. Unipe is an employee benefits company that helps you get loans which are paid through payroll deductions, with no charge to you. Dignity is vital and you shouldn’t have to worry about getting the money that you have earned to live the life that you deserve.

What Do
We Do?

Why Do
We Do it?

Unipe is a team of individuals who all have a service professional background and entrepreneurial expertise. We have lived a life of waiting for the end of the month to buy the things we need and want. We understand that sometimes living paycheck to paycheck can be hard and induce unnecessary stress, possibly lingering debts with high-interest rates. There can be unexpected emergencies, especially in today’s time and all of our hard work gets paid off when YOU get paid at the time of your need.

Our products are designed based on an extensive understanding of how financial well-being can be achieved for the Indian workforce. We also want to level the playing field for the lower-income group, solving real-world problems through financial innovation and the right intention. We have built technology that provides access to earned wages and we empower employers to help their employees with the everyday financial burden of life in a sustainable manner.

How do
we do it?

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